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Overview: Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs are silent and enough

Having a dependable tubeless puncture restore equipment shut at hand is vital on any bike experience, as even my go-to Orange Seal gained’t seal a snake chunk gap on the tire-rim interface that’s 12mm lengthy. That, and a 7mm lengthy gap on the heart tread, is what I used to be left with having foolishly gambled with simply 21 PSI within the WTB Decide Robust Casing tire on the rear of my Revel Rail at Bike Park Wales. Fortunately, I had put in the Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug Software contained in the handlebar for this very second.

Overview: Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs

muc-off stealth tubeless puncture plug kit contents

Muc-Off promote the Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs for £30. That will get you a two-in-one puncture plug and reamer software, 5x skinny tire worms, 5x medium tire worms, 5x thick tire worms, and a knife trimming software. The plug/reamer and knife trimming software are designed to stay inside your bike’s handlebar, every held in place by a silica growth plug. Thus, it’s virtually unimaginable to neglect them whenever you go driving.

The restore equipment comes with 3 sizes of silica growth plug (17mm, 19mm and 21mm) to accommodate the differing inside widths of aluminum and carbon bars. The 19mm growth plug was the very best match for my OneUp Elements Carbon Bar.

muc-off tubeless ouncture repair stealth tools store tire worms inside

You’ll be able to pre-load your plugger software with a tire worm, with room to stow extra skinny worms across the sides

To put in the instruments, it’s essential to run grips that aren’t closed at their periphery. You want to have the ability to take away the bar-end plug so you possibly can substitute it with the software. An instance of a grip that isn’t suitable with these instruments can be the Cloth Funguy Grip. An instance of a grip that’s suitable with the Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug can be the Ergon GD1 grip proven right here, although actually any lock-on or slip-on grip that comes with bar-end plugs ought to work.

After inserting the software into the bar, you merely flip the Allen head clockwise till you are feeling enough resistance. This can trigger the silica plug to increase, exerting a pressure in opposition to the interior diameter of the bar, holding it cosy.

muc-ff tubeless repair tool inside handlebar

Contained in the bar, the tire worms are shielded from the weather, in order that they’re nonetheless recent and sticky when it’s essential to use them

So, do the instruments rattle?

I’m happy to report they don’t. The growth plug appears to do an excellent job of holding the instruments in place, in order that they don’t transfer round and hit the within of the bar whenever you’re descending tough terrain. You’ll probably neglect they’re there in any respect, till you want them that’s.

Compared to the WTC Bar-Finish Plug I eliminated to be able to set up the Muc-Off Tubeless Restore Instruments, every software did add round 2mm of efficient handlebar width. From the surface fringe of the Ergon grip’s plastic sleeve, the software provides 6mm of width.

That is one thing to contemplate in the event you experience trails which can be lined with bushes, and the gaps between them are usually somewhat slim. That is true for me; my bars are reduce to 740mm huge for the slim tracks of the Tweed Valley. Since instaling the puncture plug software, I’ve truly clipped a number of extra bushes on the precise hand aspect than I usually would. 

To be truthful, the Muc-Off bar-end is chamfered to make sure that in the event you do clip a tree, the bar glances off it. The chamfered edge means it could’t dig in to no matter it hits. Every time I’ve clipped a tree, it has been totally uneventful. It simply knocked the bar again momentarily and I’ve been capable of stick with it driving unhindered. The affect did nonetheless tear the white rubber end-cap cowl, leaving it flapping round wanting very untidy. Personally, I didn’t discover that further plastic in any respect needed. I run my palms on the fringe of the bar, however not over hanging a lot that my pinkie is gripping onto the bar-end plug.

muc-off tubeless repair worms 5mm long

The plugger software is sufficiently sharp, making it straightforward to push a tire worm into the tire’s reduce with out an excessive amount of resistance

As for restore tubeless punctures, the Muc-Off equipment performs as it’s designed. For the 12mm reduce on the tire-rim interface, I stuffed two of the medium measurement worms in alongside each other. The 7mm gap on the tread space was plugged with one of many medium worms. One CO2 canister later, I used to be again on the paths… till the worm a the tread space was ripped out in a flip.

trimming tire worm with knift muc-off stealth tubeless puncture plugs review

Every worm is 5cm lengthy, which is much too lengthy generally. The knife trimmer cuts off the surplus with ease, leaving you much less susceptible to the plug ripping out as you experience on.

I hadn’t but put in the Trimming software within the reverse bar finish, regrettably. A second restore was carried out which held efficiently. You could possibly most likely get away with chopping every worm in half; the consequence can be much less waste and no have to trim extra worm, however you’d have to be further cautious when inserting the worm to make sure you didn’t push the entire thing proper by means of to the within of the tire.

Later, I efficiently trimmed the tire worms in order that there wasn’t an excessive amount of extra left on the surface. The knife was lots sharp sufficient for the job.

tubeless repair plus muc-off stealth

Three medium tire worms efficiently plugged the 2 holes in a WTB Decide Robust Casing MTB Tire


  • Efficiently repairs tubeless punctures
  • Unimaginable to neglect on rides
  • Doesn’t rattle


  • Will increase efficient handlebar width
  • Rubber covers are delicate and can tear off simply

Pricing & Availability

The brand new Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug equipment is out there in ten totally different colorfully anodized choices, which conveniently match their tubeless valve kits. The pair of hidden instruments sells for £30 / 35€ and is out there now from Muc-Off in: oil slick iridescent, matte black, silver, gold, orange, crimson, Muc-Off pink, purple, blue, or inexperienced. Refill worms can be found at £4.99 per pack of 15. 

muc-off stealth tubeless repair plugs weigh 65g

The Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug Equipment weighed in at 65g on our Park Software DS-2 scales.



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